Remodel Plans

In order to get remodel plans that best fit your needs and wishes, you need to first make a list of the things that you are looking to get from your remodeling project: a larger storage space, a bigger area to entertain in, etc. Be very specific and write everything that comes to mind. This increases the chance that the remodel plans that you get will fit your wishes.

The Most Important Advice for Your Remodel Plans

remodel plansMake sure that your remodel plans match your lifestyle. Plan larger rooms in the areas of the home you plan to spend the majority of time in. For example, if you like to entertain guest, go for a large living room and den. If not, you might want to increase the other rooms so it will be more comfortable to spend time there.

You should also think about family planning. If you are planning on a new addition to the family make sure you plan accordingly. If your kids are about to move out, you might want to give them a room sized so that it can later use you for other purposes.

Kitchen Remodel Plans Tips

  • Opened or closed kitchen? Some kitchen remodel plans may look like purely decorative choices but some, like this one, really isn’t. Open kitchens mean all cooking scents will be carried to other rooms in the house while a closed kitchen offers the chance to close the door and keep the scents and cooking noise in the kitchen.
  • The golden triangle – Your remodel plans should minimize the distance between the 3 parts of the golden triangle: the refrigerator, the sink and the oven.

Bathroom Remodel Plans Tips

If you love taking baths, you might want to get a large bath tub or more than one bath tub in the house. If you are not the type, then you might want to save on bathroom space and go for showers instead.

Bedroom Remodel Plans Tips

Many people use their bedroom for many of their daily activities: exercising, reading, sewing or even working. Plan accordingly. Your remodel plans should account for lighting fixtures, space and furniture that fit your needs.

Closet Space Remodel Plans

Look at you current closet and storage space. If it fits your needs (which are hardly ever the case) then focus on where to place the same storage space so that it will be more convenient to access. If not, think of how much additional space you require. As a general rule, small closets throughout the house will be easier to arrange and access.

Remember, the successful outcome of remodeling your home relies upon an in depth thinking process. You will never be able to cover everything in your remodel plans but the ore time you spend preparing your remodel plans – the better the outcome will be.